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Pearl Home Design is a full service home staging & design firm.  We work with homeowners, Realtors & property investors to market their properties for the highest possible financial return and a quick turn-around time. 


Simple Staging Tips That Work

A current posting on Inman gives us some simple, yet effective pointers on what can be done to successfully stage a house.

At Pearl Home Design, we agree with most of the recommendations in the article but we would caution against fresh cut flowers in houses that will probably sit on the market for a month or so. Rarely does a house on the market get the kind of maintenance the involves changing water, replacing wilted blooms or scrubbing out a dirty vase.

If some foliage and flowers are called for, there are a number of attractive artificial plants and blossoms to choose from that will remain "alive" for the duration of the property sale.

Check out the article at the link below:

A Spacious, Uncluttered Kitchen Adds Value to Your Home

When selling your home, be advised that one thing that will send prospective buyers heading for the door will be a cluttered and dirty kitchen.

When we stage a home for sale, one of the first things we advise our clients, if they are going to be living in the property while it's on the market, is to remove everything from the counter tops except for the things that they use every single day. Surfaces look more expansive with fewer items on them and this will make your kitchen more appealing to the average home buyer.

We also advise clients to remove all the magnets and miscellaneous items from the front of the refrigerator because it gives it a messy appearance and a property for sale should also not be to personalized to the owner's taste.

Here a few examples of what a difference decluttering your kitchen can make. One thing you should notice, from the start, is that none of the "before" examples is anything resembling a kitchen disaster. The changes can be subtle but they will make a big difference.


Before & After - It's All in the Presentation

This is a pretty house.  It's a Mediterranean-style house that sits on a slope overlooking a beautiful canyon and has views of the canyon from almost every room.  Before Pearl got to work on it, the property sat on the market for a long time without any good offers. 

If you look at some of the before and afters above, you'll see that in the original staging the look of the house was not reflective of the buyer who would be paying over $1.3 million for it.  Buyers of more expensive properties like wood floors so we had floors in the living room and dining room as well as a hallway redone with beautiful hardwood in order to make a stunning impression as the home buyers walk through the (freshly painted) front door.

This was also another one of those houses that required some simple touch-ups with paint around the front of the house to increase the curb appeal.  Just the addition of the darker colors on the door and the trim make all the difference when people are looking at the photos of it online.

In the living room, we demonstrated how to solve the problem of the awkward diagonal fireplace with the placement of 2 couches lined up face to face with it.  Add some art, a luxurious area rug on the new hardwood floor, and we have a truly eye catching living room.

Open house for this property is August 11th from 2 until 5.  For more information, please check the listing at Cap Equity.   For more shots of our work on it, check out the gallery here.

In The Hills Over Glendale

This was a really fun house to stage.  Obviously inspired by Frank LLoyd Wright with its sets of contrasting planes and multiple levels, this property needed a few accents on the outside to bring out those details.  We added the red front door and the panels along the balcony and the little planter box beneath painted to match and we could see that the house was really going to have a much stronger showing on the MLS register.

Inside, we were faced with the unique challenge of staging two adjoining living rooms.  The rooms combined made a really large space and I had visions of 60s cocktail parties going on these two rooms (the hi-fi would have been a piece of fine furniture and on the turntable would be stacked music by Esquivel, Martin Denny, Peter Thomas and 101 Strings). 

What really made this house fun to put together was the abundance of the homeowner's awesome furniture collections out in the garage from which we were able to draw unique staging items.  Using the homeowner's personal items in a staging fulfills many purposes; it saves the homeowner money because they'll have less to pay in furniture rental, they get to see their cherished keepsakes being displayed beautifully and it also gives them a sense of personal investment in the whole process.

For the stager, having a plethora of fun objects and furniture pieces to use means we don't have to lug cratefulls of our own objects across town so it really is a win-win situation. 

For additional views of the property, check out our gallery here. 

Click here for more information about the property and contact the listing agent. 

Things Can Move Rather Fast in this Market

If you've been following this blog, you'll know that a couple of weeks ago we had back-to-back stagings over the course of a couple of weeks.

To refresh, we had the Downtown Arts District Loft, the Spanish Revival in Montecito Heights, and the mid-Century Cottage in Elysian Heights.

The news is that each of these properties had offers made on them the very first week they went to market.  In the case of 2 of them, there were bidding wars.  

This is the sort of stuff we like to hear about and it's a sign that our efforts pay off for our clients.  It's not enough, anymore, to clean your place up and parade people through and hope for the best.  To get top dollar for your property you need to make it stand out from the others.

This is where staging is important. 


Pearl Home Design is a full service home staging & design firm.  We work with homeowners, Realtors & property investors to market their properties for the highest possible financial return and a quick turn-around time.