In The Hills Over Glendale

This was a really fun house to stage.  Obviously inspired by Frank LLoyd Wright with its sets of contrasting planes and multiple levels, this property needed a few accents on the outside to bring out those details.  We added the red front door and the panels along the balcony and the little planter box beneath painted to match and we could see that the house was really going to have a much stronger showing on the MLS register.

Inside, we were faced with the unique challenge of staging two adjoining living rooms.  The rooms combined made a really large space and I had visions of 60s cocktail parties going on these two rooms (the hi-fi would have been a piece of fine furniture and on the turntable would be stacked music by Esquivel, Martin Denny, Peter Thomas and 101 Strings). 

What really made this house fun to put together was the abundance of the homeowner's awesome furniture collections out in the garage from which we were able to draw unique staging items.  Using the homeowner's personal items in a staging fulfills many purposes; it saves the homeowner money because they'll have less to pay in furniture rental, they get to see their cherished keepsakes being displayed beautifully and it also gives them a sense of personal investment in the whole process.

For the stager, having a plethora of fun objects and furniture pieces to use means we don't have to lug cratefulls of our own objects across town so it really is a win-win situation. 

For additional views of the property, check out our gallery here. 

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Kai CrossComment