Before & After - It's All in the Presentation

This is a pretty house.  It's a Mediterranean-style house that sits on a slope overlooking a beautiful canyon and has views of the canyon from almost every room.  Before Pearl got to work on it, the property sat on the market for a long time without any good offers. 

If you look at some of the before and afters above, you'll see that in the original staging the look of the house was not reflective of the buyer who would be paying over $1.3 million for it.  Buyers of more expensive properties like wood floors so we had floors in the living room and dining room as well as a hallway redone with beautiful hardwood in order to make a stunning impression as the home buyers walk through the (freshly painted) front door.

This was also another one of those houses that required some simple touch-ups with paint around the front of the house to increase the curb appeal.  Just the addition of the darker colors on the door and the trim make all the difference when people are looking at the photos of it online.

In the living room, we demonstrated how to solve the problem of the awkward diagonal fireplace with the placement of 2 couches lined up face to face with it.  Add some art, a luxurious area rug on the new hardwood floor, and we have a truly eye catching living room.

Open house for this property is August 11th from 2 until 5.  For more information, please check the listing at Cap Equity.   For more shots of our work on it, check out the gallery here.

Kai CrossComment