A Spacious, Uncluttered Kitchen Adds Value to Your Home

When selling your home, be advised that one thing that will send prospective buyers heading for the door will be a cluttered and dirty kitchen.

When we stage a home for sale, one of the first things we advise our clients, if they are going to be living in the property while it's on the market, is to remove everything from the counter tops except for the things that they use every single day. Surfaces look more expansive with fewer items on them and this will make your kitchen more appealing to the average home buyer.

We also advise clients to remove all the magnets and miscellaneous items from the front of the refrigerator because it gives it a messy appearance and a property for sale should also not be to personalized to the owner's taste.

Here a few examples of what a difference decluttering your kitchen can make. One thing you should notice, from the start, is that none of the "before" examples is anything resembling a kitchen disaster. The changes can be subtle but they will make a big difference.