Glass Pavilion: The Most Minimalist House Ever

Photo by Jim Bartsch

Photo by Jim Bartsch

At Pearl Home Design, although we can work with almost any design style, we lean, due both to our own sense aesthetics and from the part of the country we live in, towards a more minimalist, open style.

Two reasons why minimalist design has such appeal for us are:

1) it allows you to enjoy the various objects that you display in an unfettered, non-distracting manner that allows you to enjoy them better;

2) on a more practical level, it's just easier to keep everything clean.

I found this article while surfing the web today and thought it very nicely exemplified the design aesthetic of Pearl Home Design.  Flooded with natural light and wide, open spaces, the Glass Pavilion fuses the outdoors and indoors with the broad panoramas displaying nature to nearly every room in the house.

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