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Hillside Mid-Century in Elysian Heights

As promised in yesterday's post, we get to show off the work we did in this sweet little mid-century house in Echo Park-adjacent Elysian Heights.

This house is one of the ones that we had a chance to look at before any remodeling had been done.  What we saw the outset was a far cry from what the property has become today.

It's only fair that we give you some examples of what the place looked like before Urban Hillsides worked their magic on the place.  Here are several views:

View of living room.

View of living room.

View into spare bedroom.

View into spare bedroom.

View of master bedroom.

View of master bedroom.

It is plain to see that the place was in sore of some TLC and demo.  Walls had to come out, new windows and doors had to go in.  An interior stairway was installed to connect the upstairs to the downstairs and a French door out to the new backyard deck was added to the master bedroom.

As far as staging goes, I think the new photos speak for themselves.  Between the hard work done by all involved, the fabulous pieces provided by Cort and the , it's safe to say that this house looks like something you'd see in Dwell magazine.  The look is clean, relaxing and modern and it's just right for this charming little house.

For additional views of this property, check out the gallery on this site here.

Montecito Heights Spanish Revival Hideaway

It's been a little while since our last post here but we've been really busy!

A few months ago, our good friends over at Urban Hillsides approached us to help them with a couple of properties they were flipping.  One was mid-century modern over in the Echo Park side of town (Elysian Heights, to be exact) and the other was a charming Spanish Revival up in the Washington Heights-adjacent Montecito Heights.

Well, as luck would have it, we needed to get these to properties staged on successive days.  Of course this didn't leave much time to make blog entries but it's provided some good content now that there's a little time to breathe.

Today, we'll visit the home in Montecito Heights which was the first one we staged.  This home, built in 1926, is of the classic California Spanish Revival style.  Although similarities between the two houses stops at the fact that they are both Spanish Revival, I was immediately reminded of the house that Barbara Stanwyck's character Phyllis Dietrichson lived in in Billy Wilder's classic "Double Indemnity."  As I pointed out, there is no resemblance between the two houses so I can chock this up to my imagination letting loose at the sight of the twisting staircase.

As I mentioned above, this house is being sold by the good folks at Urban Hillsides.  Check out their site for details.

Tomorrow we continue our back-to-back staging adventure with the Mid-Century Modern in Elysian Heights.  We're really, really proud of tomorrow's house so please check back.

Wanted Design: International Design Event, This Weekend

If you're in New York this weekend, a fun-sounding thing to do would be to check out Wanted Design's Annual International Design Event taking place for the 3rd year at The Tunnel at 269 11th Avenue between 11th & 12th Streets.

Among the many exhibitors whose products you'll be able to see include;

Pendent Lamps from Secto Design

Pendent Lamps from Secto Design

Secto Design, a Finnish company that was founded in 1995 and is notable for its graceful lights;

Arne Johnson chair w/ "Berry" cover by Sinje Ollen

Arne Johnson chair w/ "Berry" cover by Sinje Ollen

Sinje Ollen, out of New York, who pushes modernist design just a little further out with her brightly colored and uniquely textured textiles;

Van der Gan Chair from Fabrica

Van der Gan Chair from Fabrica

And Fabrica, out of Guatemala, who puts a new spin on the modernist designs of Mies van der Rohe by creating reproductions out of repurposed woods and other native elements.

Admission for the entire 3-day event is refreshingly reasonable at $25 ($15 if you purchase in advance), so why not take an afternoon or 2 and get an advance showing of what's fresh in the design world.

Spacious Arts District Loft

This beautiful arts district loft was in need of a bit of sprucing up (touch-up and accent painting, new carpet and additional lighting) before we could put in the furniture & stage it.  But once we'd finished it and Kai added his magic touches here & there, the whole thing really came together.

To see more pictures of this property check out our gallery here.  Go check out the listing at the Loftway website for additional information and to arrange a viewing.

Loft in the Heart of Hollywood

Our most recent endeavor in staging was this loft being sold by a TV star most of you have heard of in the Broadway Building right at Hollywood & Vine.  The main challenge in this staging was the creation of individual areas to break up the immense open space.  With a few well placed curtains, we were able to give the illusion of walls to separate the 2 sleeping areas-a master bedroom and a spare for a guest.

On a personal note, this was an enjoyable staging to do as we were able to use works of art created by a close friend of ours, John Barry from the Dragon Debris art collective.  You can see more of his work & inquire about purchases by clicking the NFS link here.

For further information regarding this loft and to schedule viewings, please check out Find A Loft.

Check out our gallery on this site for additional views of this property.

All photos in this blog posting & in the gallery by Caitlyn Barrick

Atwater Village Craftsman-Sweet Success Story

Kai was in talks with the investor on this flip while the remodeling was still underway and it was agreed that Pearl would stage it when it was ready for sale.  What happened, however, was that an offer was made before we were able to do the staging.  But, as luck would have it, the offer fell through and the house ended up sitting unsold for the better part of a year.

We were called back in to work our magic on this property in mid-March and only stayed on the market for about 3 weeks after that.  The story has an even happier ending in that the house sold for $60K higher than the list price.

Yes, we are pleased with ourselves on this one!

Pearl Home Design is a full service home staging & design firm.  We work with homeowners, Realtors & property investors to market their properties for the highest possible financial return and a quick turn-around time.