A common staging question...

A common question that my clients often ask me is, what is the best way to stage a second bedroom in a two or three bedroom home? Should it be staged as an office or a bedroom? My answer is definitely, stage it as a bedroom.
There are some exceptions, based on the market, the neighborhood and the kind of home it is.  However, most of the time, home buyers always want more space, especially those with children. That second or third bedroom is the space they're looking for. Looking at a smaller home that has office furniture in the second or third bedroom leaves questions in a buyer’s head: Is this an office or a bedroom? And will my family have enough room?
If there is an appropriate nook or corner elsewhere in the home, then yes, stage it as a home office. This can be especially appropriate in a large family room--it allows the space to read as multi-purpose.
A professional stager will think about the buyers that are going to be looking at your home, and stage your house accordingly. Your stager should answer buyers' questions by showing them the solutions before they ask.

(Photo from Pottery Barn)