FAQ: Can't I just stage my own home and save money?

An example of the warm, modern interiors buyers today love...

I'm often asked, "Kai, why can't I just stage my own home and save some money?" Ah yes, I can certainly understand the motivation... economically this would seem to make sense. But here's the real deal: You can prepare your own home for sale, but you cannot objectively stage your home since you have far too much tied up in the property, on an emotional level.

That fun and funky artwork that your grandmother gave you, you couldn't possible put away... and yes, the adorable photos of the kids must stay up... and you just love the quilt your aunt passed down to you... oh and the deck looks sweet and "rustic" like that... and wasn't it fun when we painted the family room orange? ...and on and on.

I'm a very sentimental guy and I love memories. The thing is, buyers are simply not interested in these things. It distracts them from seeing the house and what it has to offer them, and they can't picture themselves living there. After all, it is going to be their property with any luck and they need to see them and their possessions fitting in the property.

Home sellers attempting to home stage simply don’t see the flaws because they have lived with them for some time and can’t see past them. A home Stager will see these things and correct them so the potential buyer only sees the features and walks away in love with the home.