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Pearl Home Design is a full service home staging & design firm.  We work with homeowners, Realtors & property investors to market their properties for the highest possible financial return and a quick turn-around time. 


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Hidden Charm? Reveal It!

We often get a house with hidden charm.  The problem with hidden charm is that tends to be hidden to the people who need to see it the most-the buyer.  If the only people able to recognize the better points of the house are the seller and the realtor, the house will probably be on the market a lot longer.  An experienced home stager will be able to recognize the benefits of the house and enhance them to make the more visible to the buyer.

As a recent example, here is a recent job we did on a small house on a stair street in Echo Park:


Clearly this house lacks a visually striking entry that entices visitors into exploring further.  The front door just fades away, the steps don't reach the main walkway as you descend and they also are completely open at the front giving the whole entry an unfinished appearance.


With a fresh coat of tangerine paint on the front door, additional steps added and new fascias across the front of the steps, people are welcomed to an attractive-looking house.


The paprika walls are overwhelming and the bare living room says nothing more than "small" leaving prospective home buyers no idea how effective this space can truly be.


Now, furnished and with a bright, fresh coat of paint on the walls, the living room is airy and inviting.  Prospective buyers can walk in and see the possibilities of the space.


The master bedroom, before staging, is just a small, square box with very little to recommend it, visually, to the buyer.


With a bed covered in beautiful linens, vintage furniture and artwork on the walls, this nondescript box is transformed into a relaxing space where prospective buyers can imagine themselves living.

The lesson here is to not let the prospective buyer try to figure out what benefits the home has to offer on their own.  Home staging is an effective way to help reveal the hidden assets a home has to offer.

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Before & After: spacious but dated lake-front home

A friend of a friend flew me out to North Carolina to help update her lake-front home:

Bedroom (office) #3 BEFORE: Full of clutter, dark and uninviting, many buyers asked "where is the 3rd bedroom in this house?" because they couldn't "see" it.

Bedroom #3 AFTER: A soft accent color on the headboard wall, an actual BED, soothing colors. Now it's REALLY a bedroom... with room for a home office (at right).

Great Room BEFORE: That futon is NOT helping! Neither is the dated light fixture and lack of overall lighting.

Great Room AFTER: Now, new sofa & chair, art and proper lighting, plus a new paint color to makes the fireplace pop! Now this great room works!

Above, another view of the Great Room: While not the height of fashion, the classic 1980's oak tables do work well with the new sofa and chair, but they were wasted in the Living Room. That's staging.... mixing old and new so your costs don't overrun, but you still have a pleasant home that will sell!

Even in this market, staging works...

Real Estate Staging Association® (RESA®) the member run trade association for professional stagers, has released statistics on the effectiveness of Real Estate Staging and the results are pretty darn cool. The study included 126 vacant and occupied homes previously on the market, on average 263 days unsold. Those same homes were staged and... they sold in 60 days on average. This is 78% less time on the market after staging.

Not only that, 284 vacant and occupied homes that were staged BEFORE they went on the market, sold in 40.5 days on average after staging.

Stage your exterior? Absolutely!

BEFORE: Yes, people really DO live this way! Even this newer home looks old and dingy with clutter around.

AFTER: Clean and pleasant! You would think this is obvious, but I can't tell you how many times I've had to help clients de-clutter and stage their home's exterior.  If you'll give me a call, I can help you too. 

Pearl Home Design is a full service home staging & design firm.  We work with homeowners, Realtors & property investors to market their properties for the highest possible financial return and a quick turn-around time.