Why We’re Different:

  1. We’re not decorators.  We are visual marketing experts.  The design we create for a home is meant to evoke an emotion in the buyer, making them want to purchase the home.  Paint colors, furniture, bedding and accessories are all selected with the aim of getting the house sold!
  2. We don’t “just” do furniture.  We also have a background in architectural styles, landscape design and construction basics.  This means that we give you a complete plan for the home, from lighting and hardware inside and out, increasing curb appeal, simple interior updates, paint color choices, and more.  We can fix ugly homes, unmuddle design elements that don’t work, and transform your home from the curb to the back fence!
  3. For investors who are “flipping properties”, this additional knowledge base means that we can coordinate with architects, painters, contractors, and landscapers as needed… we speak their language!
  4. We also speak “Realtor”. We know the local markets, we understand deadlines, and we’re great working on a budget.  We can also be the qualified voice of authority that helps your client realize how they can get more from their home with just a few changes--have them meet with us and we can show them how!